Neighborhood Watch Information

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch.

Here you will find helpful information on websites, apps and so much more in relation to security and keeping our neighborhoods safe as possible.

As the result of the increase incidence of crime in our area, I have chosen to help areas around our community set up neighborhood watch programs.

My husband and I have lived here in Redlands for 26 years without incident until 8 months ago when my car was broken into and just recently mail was stolen out our mail box in front of our home.  When we spoke with police, our bank and post office we were informed that this is an ever increasing problem along with other crimes as well.  We decided to be proactive, get involved and help provide our community which we take pride in , become well informed and provide information and options to help us work together in this challenging time .

Our police department is stretched to capacity due to budget cut backs and the police need our help.

The initial Neighborhood Watch meeting runs about 2 hours.  Speakers include, Redlands Police department officers, Rick Strobaugh and Coriane Lane. We have a security company speak on options on systems to put in place, to include cameras, thermostat controls, lighting controls and so much more.  Wells Fargo bank  personal banker, Justin Morin presents options and suggestion on security in regards to check and electronic payments.

We hold the program at a home in the specific area we are implementing the Watch in, as this makes it convenient for the homeowners in that local  to attend.    You will be very surprised at what you hear and learn.

If you would like me to set up a program in your area, please call me

Janice Greene   909-844-0279   or you can email me

We can do this together and help keep Redlands as safe as possible.

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Great website that you can download on your phone or just go to site . It show current stats on  crimes in your area. It is easy, just enter your zip code or address and the most recent crimes will pop up.


Great app and website where you join in your specific community along with your neighbors to keep updated on crimes or suspicious persons or activity in your immediate area .